How do I order Eternal Ink?

If you are a tattoo studio you can order by going through to our Barber DTS site –  If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Eternal Ink then please complete the Dealer Request Form (link) and we will contact you with our terms and prices.

What's in Eternal Ink?

Organic powder, distilled water, witch hazel, alcohol.

Do you have a safety data sheet for Eternal inks?

Yes - for the safety data sheet please click here.

Have the products been tested according to COE ResAP (2008) 1?

In resolution ResAP (2008) 1 the Council of Europe have stated specifications for tattoo inks although these are proposals only and they have not been implemented in the UK.  Certain countries in Europe have implemented these in original or a modified form and if you are outside of the UK you should ensure you comply with all relevant laws for tattoo ink..

CTL Overview Test Results - COE ResAP (2008) 1 | CTL Dyestuffs Test | CTL Aromatic Amines and Carcinogens Test.

Is getting a tattoo with Eternal ink different from any other ink?

Yes. Eternal Ink is non acrylic ink and being an organic pigment it allows the body to heal faster and hold the colour better.

Is Eternal Ink Sterile?

Yes. All Eternal Tattoo ink supplied by Barber DTS is gamma ray sterilised in the UK.

Eternal Inks Safe?

Are Eternal Inks safe?   You may  be  aware  that  all ink  products  have  become  the  subject  of  closer  scrutiny  over recent times, with some speculation that certain ink products may contain chemicals and substances which are potentially harmful to humans. We continue to closely monitor the guidance and advice on this subject and would never supply any products which contain substances banned in the UK. We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure that the products we sell are safe to use. If you are based outside the UK, you must ensure that you comply with all relevant laws

and best practice guidance in the jurisdiction in which you operate. For our full Terms & Conditions with regard to tattoo ink please click here.

How long does a bottle of Eternal Ink last?

Eternal ink is supplied in a sealed bottle. Once the bottle has been opened you have 12 months to use the ink or up until the shelf-life date on the bottle. Once opened please write the date of opening on the bottle. Never completely remove the lid and ensure the lid is tightened when you have finished with it.

Please note that the expiration date on the bottle follows the American format e.g. 07.22.2014 = 22nd July 2014.


How should we store the Eternal ink bottles?

All tattoo ink should be stored in a dark and dry place at room temperature (5 -30C). Keep the bottle away from dust and direct sunlight.

Can Eternal Tattoo ink cause an allergic reaction?

Yes, a person can be allergic to any tattoo ink or anything else. Eternal Ink has the lowest reactions of any tattoo ink. If you are unsure a test patch should be done.

Can I water down Eternal Ink?

Yes, Eternal Ink is a water based pigment so you can water it down with sterile water. Never add anything direct into the bottle. Mixing should be done outside of the bottle in an ink cap. Any ingredient added must be sterile. Please make sure that you do not touch the ink bottles with used gloves.

Are Eternal Inks suitable for Vegans?

Yes Eternal Ink is 100% Vegan safe as we put no animal by-products in any of our colours.

Do some colours fade faster than others?

It depends on how the tattoo artist applies the ink and of course the sun/tanning can be a factor. Eternal Ink has the brightest colours on the market but it depends on how well the tattoo is maintained. Aftercare and sun block will help keep a tattoo bright for many years. For tattoo aftercare please Click Here.