Standard Colours

Huge range of 50 colours from Lining Black and True Blue through to Tangerine and Graffiti Green this range of ink is sure to produce the brightest tattoos in the most vivid and vibrant colours on the market.

New Releases

An additional 12 colours to Eternal’s Standard Colours brings a range of brand new, unique and vibrant colours. Enhance your work further with this added variety to your colour collection.

Zombie Colours

Inspired by request from Tattoo Artists Eternal has created a whole range dedicated to the creation of the more solemn tattoo.

Muted Earthtones

This Muted Earthtones set is an ideal addition to a tattoo artists colour range. These “dirty colours” provide a pre-made alternative to mixing your own shades allowing for consistency in colour every time they are used.

Portrait Colours

The Portrait Colour Range from Eternal Ink has been specially designed for use in portrait and pin-up work. This collection of colours allows you to create the most realistic and natural looking portrait tattoos.

Grey Washes

These pre-made grey wash shade tattoo ink have been tested and approved by the world's very best black and grey artists.

Chukes Seasonal Colour

This set of 26 features an assortment of colours found throughout the seasons. You'll love the beautiful variation of warm and cool tones you will acquire with this colour range.

Liz Cook

Eternal Inks latest range is the specially created portrait colour set designed by world famous portrait tattoo artist Liz Cook.


The M Series has been exclusively designed for Eternal Ink by world famous artists Mike Devries and Mario Rosenau.

Colour Sets

The 12 colour primary set from Eternal Ink is made up of the most useful and commonly used colours in the Eternal Range.

About Barber DTS



Barber DTS is one of the largest tattoo and piercing distributors in Europe with the largest range of products available.

We are proud to be the European distributor for Eternal ink supplying both studios and distributors. Barber DTS strongly support activities to increase the safety and quality of tattooing. As such Barber DTS are one of the few suppliers to ensure that all their tattoo ink is sterile.

We are committed to providing safe tattoo inks for the tattoo industry and we ensure that we only supply tattoo ink that has been sterilised using gamma rays ensuring the elimination of harmful bacteria.


Be an Eternal Ink Dealer


Eternal Inks provide one of the world’s largest range of tattoo inks and colours.

With over 150 different colours or shades now available Eternal Ink can deliver for any design. Developed by world famous Tattooist Terry Welker, Eternal Ink has fast become one of the world’s most popular Tattoo Inks, offering the brightest, boldest colours available with an unrivalled standard of safety and quality.

Barber DTS are the premium European distributor of Eternal Inks. We aim to provide a reliable source of stock for re-sellers of Eternal Ink.

All Eternal Inks sold through us are sterilized.

Please note that Eternal Ink can only be supplied to registered tattoo studios or equivalent.


Ordering is simple

You will be redirected to our sister site,, where you will be able to search by colour and browse the vast range of Eternal Ink swatches at ease. If you are a new customer, you may set up an account to make the order process that little bit easier and reordering inks is made possible at the click of a button. Alternatively, you may call to place an order on +44 (0)114 257 6022 and one of our friendly sales team will be happy to help.

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